First Look: Lifted Vol1: Indomitable RPG

Cortex Prime’s first commercially licensed game.

When I was running the Lifted: Vault 01 Kickstarter for Zine month, I got asked about using Cortex Prime for Lifted and I said something about my druthers… well, my druthers hath arrived. I’m teaming up with Fandom to make Lifted Vol 1: Indomitable! I’ll work with some writers I admire and re-team up with folks I love working with. And Play Superheroes!

Live on Kickstarter!

Champions 1E is the first superhero RPG I played. It remains a hard high bar I measure other supers game experiences against. Marvel Heroic Roleplaying was my first exposure to the Cortex system — it was AMAZING. I remember playing Capt. America in a session focused on recapturing the Hulk. Spidey and another hero I can’t recall were not even slowing the green goliath down. I commandeered a helicopter and talked the Thing into doing a fly-by. Dropping the Thing and followed by Cap crashing the helicopter on the Hulk did the job. We knocked him out! I had to revisit my high bar for supers games. Cortex & Champions Now FTW.

Fast Forward and Cortex Prime goes to Kickstarter. Imagine my excitement to get to be a spotlight writer working on supers for Cortex Prime! Thanks, Cam!!

10X that and that’s me working on my first solo RPG book (but not really solo!) Thanks, Cam!!

100X is my kid being asked what do your parents do? (…for work) his reply was “we play games.” His teacher later emailed to fact-check that claim! True Story. We play games.

So, I got my druthers. I’m doing Lifted for Cortex Prime. Live right now on Kickstarter. I hope you team up with me!

Play Fearless



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