What has he got in his pocketses

A look inside my IRL GM-to-go box

While I don’t know quite what I‘m running yet for RinCon in Tucson, AZ. I have broken out my old GM-to-go con box. Thinking about upgrading it for size. I’ve seen some of the commercial made-just-for-gaming organizers… Nice, very nice..but not quite there yet.

I’ll add extra masks, hand sanitizer, and insta-coffee to the box — cause sometimes, there’s no real coffee to be had.

Here’s a rundown of what else is in my box.

A regular poker card deck, a deck of dry-erase cards, and a microfiber dry-erase cloth. two types of meeples in various colors. I will use one type for PCs and the other for NPCs when needed. Usually on sketched-out maps.

Name tents made at Moo.com. Name and other player’s names on one side for ‘tent’ view. The other side has my Podcast and website logo info.

Business cards — IYKYK.

Pens, dry erase markers. Meeples, poker chips, assorted old coins, and meeples!

I don’t need all those meeples and could easily reclaim that space when I come across something else I could use across games at the table.

When I’m a player, I have my All Rolled-up thingy which has:

A Butt-load of dice, index cards, pencils, pens, and a marker. My dice cup!!

What’s in your game box? And what might I be missing?

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MadJay Zero

Freelance game designer, professional gamemaster, and host of the Diceology podcast. I throw dice at the world. https://playfearless.substack.com/